Webinar Video: Digital Preservation Opportunities & Challenges Ahead

Posted: 08-11-2019

There has been tremendous growth in the amount of digital content created by libraries, publishers, cultural institutions and the general public. While there are great benefits to having content available in digital form, digital objects can be extremely short-lived unless proper attention is paid to preservation. 

In this webinar, taking place on World Digital Preservation Day, current trends in digital preservation werere discussed by Kate Wittenberg and Javanica Curry (both from the digital preservation service Portico) and Nicola Wright, Director of LSE Library

Kate and Javanica reflected on their experience with Portico, including background on Portico’s history and evolving practice of sustainable preservation of the scholarly record. They also looked at the digital preservation landscape as they see it now, sharing thoughts on current requirements for preservation and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.  Nicola discussed the motivations and experience of the LSE Library towards digital preservation and involvement with Portico.

The webinar was hosted by LIBER’s Executive Director, Astrid Verheusen. Slides from the webinar are available on Zenodo.