Welcome to the August 2017 LIBER Mailing

Posted: 01-08-2017 Topics: LIBER Quarterly Mailing Office News

This update relates to LIBER’s work over the past three months. It is sent directly to LIBER Libraries, and posted publicly on our website. Documents can be downloaded and freely shared via the links.

Annual Meeting of Participants, Patras 2017

  1. Minutes of the LIBER Annual Meeting of Participants (held in the Conference & Cultural Centre, Patras, on Thursday 6 July 2017)
  2. Report of the LIBER Executive Board (presented to the Annual Meeting of Participants and approved on Thursday 6 July 2017)

LIBER Strategy 2018-2022

  1. LIBER Strategy 2018-2022, approved by LIBER Participants at the Patras Annual Conference in July 2017

LIBER Steering Committees (including Working Groups)

  1. Reshaping the Research Library: Report
    1.1 Digital Humanities Working Group launched

LIBER Annual Conference 2018

  1. LIBER Annual Conference 2018, Lille 2018: Preliminary Details


  1. Overview of LIBER Communications

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