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Posted: 07-06-2021 Topics: LIBER Quarterly Mailing

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LIBER 2021 Online Annual Conference

  • The LIBER 2021 Online programme is now online! You can register for the Conference here. LIBER Participants make sure to register with your LIBER ID as you will receive priority seating.
  • Invitation Knowledge Café

Meeting of Participants (14 & 24 June 2021): Agenda and Papers

Note: In the LIBER Quarterly Mailing sent on 31 May 2021, an earlier version of the Rules and Regulations was circulated. The document that is linked on this page is the version that will be discussed in the Meeting of Participants.

A number of changes to LIBER’s Rules & Regulations are being proposed by the Executive Board. The key changes relate to the period of tenure of the President and Vice-President, but there are other changes relating to the means of appointment of Board Officers. The Meeting of Participants is requested to approve these changes, which will enable the Executive Board to function as effectively as possible, taking account both of the value of experience within the Board, and of the need to refresh the Board with new members from the LIBER community on a regular basis.

Call for Nominations: Executive Board

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