Welcome to the November 2018 Mailing

Posted: 19-11-2018 Topics: LIBER Quarterly Mailing Office News

This update relates to LIBER’s work over the past three months. It is sent directly to LIBER Libraries and posted publicly on our website. Documents can be downloaded and freely shared via the links.

In addition to the information below, please note that we are running a survey to better understand how you view LIBER. Share your opinions and suggestions! The deadline to reply is 30 November.

Dublin 2019 Annual Conference

  1. Outline of LIBER’s Annual Conference Programme
  2. Call for Conference Papers and Posters
  3. LIBER Annual Conference Fund 2019
  4. Feedback from the 2018 Annual Conference

LIBER Strategy 2018-2022

  1. Strategy 2018-2022 Update
  2. Steering Committees and Working Groups Reports                                                              2.1 New Chair of Digital Skills & Services Steering Committee
  3. The SCOSS Initiative
  4. International Projects Report

LIBER Annual Contribution Fee

  1. Note from LIBER’s Treasurer

Call For Nominations: Executive Board

  1. Call for Nominations: Meeting of Participants 2019
  2. Nomination Form 2019


If you have any queries about the content of this Mailing, or if there is any further information that we can provide, please let us know.


John MacColl

Further News

LIBER Leadership Programme – Would you, or someone within your library, like to attend LIBER’s ambitious and international Emerging Leaders Programme? In December, we’ll launch the call for applications. The programme kicks off at LIBER’s 2019 Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland. For more information, see the LIBER website.

Webinar: Skills and Training in Open Science and the EOSC Ecosystem – Join us on 14 December at 1100 CET for a joint LIBER-EOSCpilot webinar. We aim to connect the LIBER community with the EOSCpilot project’s work on skills for stewardship in the EOSC context. This will be done through discussion with LIBER’s working group on Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers, and by describing FAIR4S, a draft skills framework. We will discuss the role of libraries in building research skills in an open science and data science context, and the potential of the framework to help. Register here.