Workshop report from The Perfect Swell: defining the ideal conditions for the growth of text and data mining in Europe

Posted: 29-10-2013 Topics: Strategy

The report from the stakeholder workshop on creating the right conditions for text and data mining in Europe is now available.

Creating the right conditions for text and data mining in Europe is an important and pressing issue for stakeholders from both research and industry.

LIBER, has taken the lead on this issue and, in conjunction with Copyright4Creativity, organised a workshop on the 29th of September in London to continue the conversation on the need for legislative and other changes related to text and data mining. European policy makers were invited to attend, so that they could explore and understand how text and data mining fits in to the bigger picture of data-driven innovation from both the research and industry perspective. The workshop brought together a diverse range of views from science, innovation, education and industry. It helped to identify common issues, such as the need to reform both the Information Society Directive and the Database Directive, as well as other conditions needed to speed the uptake of text and data mining in Europe.

The report from the workshop outlines key issues and concerns from the point of view of researchers, research infrastructure, industry, SMEs, and open access publishers. Download the workshop report: /sites/default/files/TDM%20Workshop%20Report%5B1%5D.pdf

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