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BEHAVE Data Management Plan

BEHAVE – New discrete choice theory for understanding moral decision making behaviour

Together, these proposed research efforts promise to generate a major breakthrough in discrete choice theory. In addition, the program will result in important methodological contributions to the empirical study of moral decision making behaviour in general; and to new insights into the moral aspects of (travel) behaviour.

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DOI DMP Version – Molin, Eric. (2018). BEHAVE Working Data-Management-Plan (Version 1).

Publication Year – 2018

DMP Status – First Submission, Version 1

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Research Subject – Moral decision making behaviour


BEHAVE Data Management Plan

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June 2017

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June 2018


Administrative Data –  addressed but incomplete

Data Collection –  addressed but incomplete

Documentation and Metadata – complete/detailed

Ethics and Legal Compliance – addressed but incomplete

Storage and Backup – addressed but incomplete

Selection and Preservation – complete/detailed

Data Sharing – addressed but incomplete

Responsibilities and Resources – addressed but incomplete