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FUTURE TDM Data Management Plan

FUTURE TDM – Reducing Barriers and Increasing Uptake of Text and Data Mining

FutureTDM provides critical up-to-date assessments of legal regulations and policies impacting TDM in the EU, and places them in the international research and innovation context. […] This combined approach will lead to developing novel policy frameworks and interdisciplinary case-driven practitioner guide-lines facilitating the spread of TDM activities.

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DOI DMP Version – Akinci, Burcu, & Bertone, Alessio. (2017). Data Management Plan.

Publication Year – 2016

DMP Status – First Submission

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Research Subject – Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Text and Data Mining (TDM)


FUTURE TDM Data Management Plan

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Review Date

September 2017

Review Publication Date

January 2018


Administrative Data – complete/detailed

Data Collection –  complete/detailed

Documentation and Metadata – addressed but incomplete

Ethics and Legal Compliance – complete/detailed

Storage and Backup – did not address

Selection and Preservation – addressed but incomplete

Data Sharing –  addressed but incomplete

Responsibilities and Resources – addressed but incomplete