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REPAIR Data Management Plan

REsourceManagement in Peri-urban AReas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism (REPAIR)

The objectives of this project are the integration of dynamic resource flow modelling, resource allocation together with urban and regional planning, and human behavioural aspects. REPAiR uses six peri-urban regions across Europe to develop, test and implement a GDSE as a tool for devising place-specific solutions to enhance resource efficiency and urban metabolism.

Original DMP Source – D8.4_DMP_published.pdf

DOI DMP VersionSileryte, Rusne, Wandl, Alexander, Bohmer, Jasmin, Bohnet, Max, & Gutsche, Jens-Martin. (2018). REPAIR draft Data Management Plan.

Publication Year – 2018

DMP Status – First Submission, Version 1

Funder Information

Research Subject – Resource Management, Geodesign, Urbanism, Decision Support


REPAIR Data Management Plan

Review Process Metadata

Review Date

February 2019

Review Publication Date

April 2019


  • Administrative

    Solid administrative data and data collection documentation

  • Data management

    Solid long-term data management

  • Ethics

    Minimal ethics and legal compliance information

  • Storage

    Minimal storage information

Administrative Data – complete and detailed

Data Collection –  complete and detailed


Documentation and Metadata – addressed but incomplete

Ethics and Legal Compliance – addressed but incomplete

Storage and Backup –  complete and detailed

Selection and Preservation – complete and detailed


Data Sharing –  complete and detailed

Responsibilities and Resources – complete and detailed