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A three-step approach to practical trainings on Open Access policy development and Research Data Management (RDM)

Thursday 15th October, 2015
One-day training course on improving Research Data Management (RDM) skills in relation to Open Research Data Pilot in H2020.
The workshop led by a FOSTER consortium member will be held in the computer classroom at UTL as a Face-to-Face training for participants from the subject field of Social sciences and Humanities. The second part of the workshop is a case-study of a good practice of a Horizon 2020 pilot project focused on data management.

Main topics:


  • RDM in social sciences and humanities according to the requirements of Horizon 2020.
  • Drivers behind the rise of data as a topical question, benefits, obstacles and requirements around data management plans.
  • Data management plans (DMP).
  • Metadata (how to maximise the discoverability and reuse of data).
  • Legal and ethical issues.
  • Repositories (preference for institutional repositories over subject repositories).
  • Sustainable data preservation.Good practices of Horizon 2020 pilot:
  • Project start-up (proposal development and DMP).
  • Partners.
  • Active data management.
  • Open Access requirements for research data.Friday 23th October, 2015
    ‘World Café’ training seminar on OA policy development in Estonia
    The training seminar is based on the principles of active contribution, sharing of experience, free communication and practical realistic approaches to the designing, developing and implementing of OA policy and institutional regulations in Estonia. The World Café methods- based and professionally led training seminar will give the participants the opportunities to compare the practices of different research institutions, to point out sharable experiences, problems, solutions and good examples of the collecting, preservation and making of accessible of research data. Participants will analyse the present state of the developing of OA practices in Estonia and get feedback from the parties who are engaged in decision-making.
    As a result new ideas and solutions in order to further the development of policies will be purposed. The organising team is formed of the specialists of the field at the University of Tartu, the University of Tartu Library and the Estonian Research Council as a PASTEUR4OA Key Node organisation. A representative of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, as well as at least one FOSTER consortium member will be included in the team.

    Developing e-learning materials and an online training course on RDM
    In cooperation with three major Estonian universities, free online learning materials in Estonian and English will be developed together with interactive self-tests that require practical skills and techniques. The materials as a whole or as different modules can be integrated into e-courses held by the universities or information literacy e-courses held by the libraries. The aim of the course is to teach the management of the data throughout the research process and the writing of data management plans according to the requirements of Horizon 2020; to introduce principles of sustainable data preservation, as well as different general and discipline-based repositories.


Contact information

Elena Sipria-Mironov


15 - 23 Oct 2015


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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