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Discovering Open Science and Open Opportunities

This event, organised by Open Knowledge Foundation Greece, is addressed to academic researchers, staff and students, on the opportunities of Open Access, Open Science and Open Data, to support the vision of the open society which can benefit from a number of related developments.

A combination of lecture-based and hands-on sessions will be addressed to researchers of all disciplines and sciences, as well as, to researchers and scientists of two specific domains: Health and Journalism.

The sessions will include the following modules:

  • Getting started in the School of Data (hands-on)
  • School of Data Advanced Steps (hands-on)
  • Data expedition for journalists (hands-on)
  • Health Open Data (hands-on)
  • Open Education
  • Licensing issues with Open Data

Contact information

Registrations will be made available 2 months prior to training.


17 Jun 2015


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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