Workshop Dates

  • Thursday 19th of March

    Thursday 19th of March, 2015

    • EU and national open access and open science policies and practices, in particular, in relation to publicly funded research in Horizon 2020 and national grant schemes.
    • Linking Open Access research publications with Open research data.

  • Thursday 24th of April

    Thursday 24th of April, 2015

    • Institutional repositories and research data archives: practical guidelines on how to comply with Horizon 2020 open access requirements, how to submit publications to the national and international repositories of publications and data.
    • How to publish in open access journals and how to avoid predatory journals.
    • The overview of the open access infrastructure in Lithuania. eLABa,Lituanistika, MIDAS, LiDA, etc.).update: event date changed to April 15th

  • Thursday 25th of September

    Thursday 25th of September, 2015

    • Open science, open access publishing, open peer-review
    • Intellectual property rights, copyright and licensing issues, Creative Commons Licences

  • Wednesday 21st of October

    Wednesday 21st of October, 2015

    • Research data management plan, issues of research data management planning.
    • Traditional and alternative research evaluation, altmetrics.