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RECODE workshop: Institutional support for Open Access to research data

RECODE workshop Institutional support for open access to research data” 

There is growing consensus that open access to research data benefits science and society. However, institutions, including universities, research associations, libraries and funders, face various challenges in making open access possible. High on the agenda of many of these institutions are the following: evaluating and maintaining the quality and trustworthiness of data; training and developing the skills of researchers and other relevant stakeholders; advocating the value of open access; and securing funding.  These issues have implications for institutional processes and require some level of institutional response.

This workshop is organized by thePolicy RECommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe (RECODE) project, which will leverage existing networks, communities and projects to address challenges within the open access and data dissemination and preservation sector and produce policy recommendations for open access to research data based on existing good practice. The aim of this workshop, titled “Institutional support for open access to research data is to develop a set of policy recommendations that provide support for institutions involved in making open access to research data possible. During the workshop we will present and discuss the findings of our research on the institutional policies and practices regarding data quality management, training, advocacy and financing. To illustrate these findings, case studies of institutional support for Open Access to research data will be presented and discussed.

The workshop is aimed at professionals from libraries, universities, data centers, publishers and funding institutions who are working to make Open Access to research data possible. The RECODE project makes travel bursaries available for European participants. Please contact if you would like to enquire about such support.

For more information on the RECODE project please have a look at the project website.


01 Jul 2014


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm