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Recreating Europe Webinar on Automated Content Moderation —Copyright and Controversial Content 

This webinar, presented by the Recreating Europe project, will address the current status and future avenues in automated content moderation with a focus on copyright, and its implications for cultural diversity and access.  

The way platforms moderate has received increasing scrutiny and public attention in recent years. With a view to copyright, the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (CDSM) has raised severe concerns that the included liability rules drive platforms to employ automated filtering and moderation systems much more broadly than before. This might, in turn, result in the overblocking of non-infringing content and structurally reduce diversity and access to culture on online platforms.  

With the CDSM now being implemented in national law, this webinar follows up on the previous one on the Regulatory Landscape for Copyright Content Moderation. It takes stock of current developments and discusses potential implications for diversity and access to culture.  

In particular, the webinar will provide participants with an overview, update, and critical discussion of the following key topics: 

  • Overview of the platforms’ deployment of automated content moderation systems with a focus on copyright;  
  • Learnings from the implications of automated content moderation systems for copyright and other forms of contested content such as hate speech; 
  • Discussion of implications for diversity and access to culture; 
  • Options and challenges in researching automated content moderation and its implications; 
  • Potential avenues for (automated) content moderation in the context of current EU regulation and its implications for diversity and access to culture. 


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06 Dec 2021


10:00 am - 11:30 am


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