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The Role of Data Curation in AI – Workshop Series on Applying and deploying AI in GLAMs

This workshop is part of a series of workshops (Applying and deploying AI in GLAMs) organised by AI4LAM and co-hosted by LIBER and the BnF. Read more about the workshop series here

What is Machine Learning and what role does data play? How is the data used to train AI models? What kinds of decisions do librarians make in the process of data curation and how might these impact machine-generated predictions? This workshop will take a project-based approach to explore the importance of data curation in machine learning outcomes.

The speakers will explore how data is thought of in a data science context and how that maps to library practices. Concerns of data bias will be considered including data provenance (What is the history and context of the source material?), defining the boundaries of a data set (Who is in and who is out?) and feature engineering (What is relevant and what is not?).


Nicole Coleman is Digital Research Architect for the Stanford University Libraries and Research Director for Humanities+Design. Claudia Engel is Academic Technology Specialist and Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University. She is also affiliated with the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research at the Stanford Libraries.

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This workshop is organised by AI4LAM and co-hosted by the Stanford University Libraries as part of the workshop series ‘Applying and deploying AI in GLAMs’.


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[Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash]


29 Mar 2021


09:00 am - Pacific Time (US and Canada) Zone
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm