Andrej Vrčon

Head of International Projects

Andrej Vrčon is the Head of International Projects of LIBER.

He is an experienced project manager and adviser for EU programmes and international development cooperation with over 15+ years of experience with EU funds and international development. As a civil servant of the Slovenian government and manager at the Centre for European Perspective he was involved in numerous EU supported programmes and projects where he had the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge about coordination, financial management and the entire lifecycle of EU grants. He successfully coordinated three major EU supported grant schemes for 66 projects with a total budget of over € 10 million, amongst many other EU projects. Besides that, he has also experience in publishing books as a technical editor. Andrej holds a PhD in the History of Europe and the Mediterranean from the University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia, an MA in European Public Policy from the University of Sussex, UK and a BA in International Relations and History from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Andrej has extensive expertise in EU project management, regional economic development, project evaluations, fundraising and democracy development. His interest lies in the History of European Integration where his research relies on the use of digital sources. He is therefore aware of the importance of open data research and building our common digital cultural heritage. He is delighted to be able to combine his many interests in his role at LIBER.