Anita Katulić

Senior Librarian for Standardisation, National and University Library Zagreb

Anita works at the Croatian Institute for Librarianship of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

She is a member of several Croatian committees and groups, including the Technical Committee 46 of the Croatian Standards Institute (ISO/TC 46), Commission for State Information and Official Publications, Commission for Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression of the Croatian Library Association.

She obtained a PhD in the field of information and communication sciences in 2023, defending her doctoral dissertation entitled “Data protection management and information privacy assurance in libraries“ at the University of Zagreb.  Anita conducts workshops at the Center for Continuous Professional Development of Librarians in Croatia on the topic of data protection management in libraries since 2018. She is a project team member of the e-Universities project with the aim of digital transformation of higher education, particularly development of digital maturity of academic libraries in Croatia.

Her scientific interests are data protection, information privacy, digital transformation, standardisation and ethical and legal issues in libraries. Anita is interested in legal and practical framework to understand and advocate for policies that align with both legal requirements and the mission of libraries to disseminate knowledge freely.