Anne Kathrine Overgaard

Head of Development, University of Southern Denmark

Anne Kathrine Overgaard has worked at the University of Southern Denmark since 1998: working with management, strategic development, corporate communication, engagement, SDGs, and as project manager especially on transdisciplinary projects.

She has — together with Thomas Kaarsted, also a member of LIBER’s Citizen Science Working Group — co-founded the Citizen Science Network at the university. The network is doing advocacy on Citizen Science, aims at building strong ties between the library and the Faculties while also adopting the role as project managers on a number of Citizen Science projects in close collaboration with researchers.

She holds a Masters in both Cell Biology and Corporate Communication.

I see research libraries as a neutral and ideal partner for the faculties in working with Citizen Science. The research libraries have strong competences in for example engagement and can help facilitating the dialogue between citizens and researchers, and thereby ensure both empowering of the citizens and new perspectives and insights for the researchers. A strong partnership between research libraries and the faculties creates a strategic platform for a diverse and advanced form for Citizen Science developing traditional research and engage citizens to pursue scientific knowledge.