Dr Bertil F. Dorch

Library Director at the University Library of Southern Denmark

Bertil is the twice elected President of the Danish Research Library Association and Library Director at the University Library of Southern Denmark. Within LIBER, he served on the Executive Board and chaired the Digital Skills and Services Steering Committee until 2021.

His background is in computational astrophysics, and he currently teaches responsible conduct of research. His main research interests include scholarly communication and responsible conduct of research.

Bertil used to serve as a board member of SPARC Europe, the Evidence Based Research Network, and in the Danish steering committee on Open Access as well as in the steering committee of Denmark’s Electronic Research Library.

Responsible and efficient research relies on both the openness and sustainability of modes of scholarly communication. Openness is king to Open Science, as well as to responsible conduct. True Open Science requires openness in all scholarly transactions permitted by law and disciplines, including FAIR open data, transparency in RDM, as well as in peer reviewing and validation scholarly publications and data. To accomplish that, LIBER furthers a common agenda, methods and extensive collaboration.