Carina Ahlberg

Operations Controller, Karolinska Institutet University Library

Carina Ahlberg has worked at Karolinska Institutet University Library in Stockholm since 2001. During this time, she has been the head of several different departments, such as teaching, customer service, communication and educational technology. Since 2022, she has been working as an operations controller, and in this capacity, she leads the library’s overall operational planning and follow-up. She is also responsible for competence planning and working forward with the analysis of relevant information and active business intelligence.

Previous positions include head of customer services at Södertörn University and IT librarian at Stockholm Institute of Education. Carina graduated librarian from Borås University in 1988.  She has published on the role of libraries in the development of MOOCs, and on the library as a physical and digital learning environment.

I look forward to working with colleagues from other countries to explore how the professionalism of university libraries can continue to be useful to the rapidly changing universities of the future. We live in a time of both great uncertainty and enormous opportunity, and we will be wiser together.