Ciara McCaffrey

Interim Library Director, University of Limerick

Ciara McCaffrey (BA, MLIS) is the Deputy Librarian at the University of Limerick in Ireland.  She is part of senior library leadership and coordinates cross-library management processes, namely leading major projects, planning, HR, finance, quality, assessment, communications and legislative matters.  She was heavily involved with planning and operationalising the new library building at UL, including the highly innovative automated collection storage system, and has led many transformational innovations in spaces, collections, systems and services to enable UL Library’s digital change agenda.

Ciara actively engages with LIBER, formerly co-chairing the Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers Working Group.  She is an advocate of evidence-based librarianship and has conducted and published primary research that is action-oriented, with the aim of improving library services and spaces, informing practice and contributing to academic literature in the field of library and information studies.  More information and open access versions of her publications are available on her LinkedIn and ORCID profiles.

“I am passionate about the power of library buildings as social infrastructure – spaces to inspire, create, contemplate, and collaborate.  I’ve seen the transformative impact a new library building can have on its users, staff, institution and region and I’m keen to share our experience, learn from others across Europe and contribute to the libraries of the future”