Corina-Mihaela Apostoleanu

President of the Public Libraries Division, Romanian Library Association

Corina-Mihaela Apostoleanu is currently Head of the Department of Development-Processing Collections and Bibliographic Information (Local history/local memory), in `Ioan N. Roman` Constanța County Library, Romania. Her career began as a librarian in the same library where she headed the Office of Bibliographic Information (Local history/local memory-present, Head of Department, Development-Processing Collections. Bibliographic Information (Local history/local memory). She has a PhD degree in Library Science from the University of Bucharest (2009).

She is one of the vice-presidents of the Romanian Library Association, and is President of the Public Libraries Division. In her capacity as President of the Public Libraries Division, she represents the Romanian Library Association in international meetings and she is in charge of cooperation with different international bodies in librarianship.

She has extensive experience in bibliographic and local memory sector, being the co-author of various books that highlight local cultural heritage. She is always eager to bring new ideas to the library and to be involved in research projects.

Corina is especially interested in the challenges and opportunities arising from research and bringing together different specialists in various fields. She is also keen to be involved in projects concerning the digitisation of cultural patrimony documents. She is therefore very happy to work with LIBER where her professional interests come together.