Dr Linda Sīle-Shriram

Bibliographic Data Manager, Anet.be | University of Antwerp Library

Linda Sīle is a bibliographic data manager at the library of the University of Antwerp where she is involved in the maintenance of VABB-SHW, the Flemish Academic Bibliographic Database for the Social Sciences and Humanities and the institutional repository of the university. In this capacity, she explores the use of data science methods for improved workflows in the management of bibliographic data.

Her background is in Science, Technology, and Society Studies, Educational research and Art. Her recently defended doctoral thesis (2021) entitled ‘Databased research in context’ explores the role of contextual features in databases for research output in the social sciences and humanities. With this background, Linda is particularly interested in finding ways to bringing theoretical insights from STS to practices within the library realm.

For Linda, this LIBER working group provides a space for the exchange of experiences and ideas on data science application in library settings.