Dr. Lise Jaillant

Associate Professor, Loughborough University

Dr Lise Jaillant is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Humanities at Loughborough University, UK.

She was awarded a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (2017-18) for her project “After the Digital Revolution,” which was followed by an AHRC Leadership Fellowship (2018-20) to work on the born-digital records of the poetry publisher Carcanet Press. Jaillant has extensive experience of international research networks. Since 2020, she has led three AHRC-funded projects: (1) AURA (Archives in the UK/ Republic of Ireland and AI: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets); (2) AEOLIAN (UK/ US: AI for Cultural Organisations); (3) EyCon (Visual AI and Early Conflict Photography). Recent publications include the edited collection Archives, Access and AI (published open access, 2022), and articles in AI & Society, Archival Science and American Archivist.

Lise is particularly interested in the topic of innovative technologies applied to digital archives. The transition from print to digital has created huge challenges, and we urgently need to find solutions to preserve digital records and make them more accessible to users. LIBER brings together professionals interested in these issues, and Lise is therefore delighted to contribute to this community.