Hardy Schwamm

Head of Research Services, University College Cork

Hardy Schwamm serves as the Head of Research Services at University College Cork (UCC), where he leads a dynamic team dedicated to providing Open Access and Research Data Management support to the UCC research community. In this role, Hardy plays a crucial part in fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration among researchers.

With a strong commitment to Open practices, Hardy brings extensive experience of working in Ireland and the UK to his position. From negotiating transformative agreements as part of the Irish consortium IReL to developing Open policies, he actively engages with national and European networks, contributing significantly to the advancement of Open Science. He sees the development of a bibliodiverse publishing environment as crucial for achieving the goal of establishing Open Access as an accessible, affordable and equitable way of creating research outputs.

Hardy is also interested in bottom-up approaches of grassroots initiatives and he is a founding member the Open Scholarship Community Galway and the Irish network of Open Research and Open Scholarship librarians OSCAIL.