Mr Jesper Boserup Thestrup

Communications Officer, Royal Danish Library, Aarhus

Jesper has been working with research data and data management since 2011. He became involved in a project regarding Danish policies on research data management, and has been involved in several projects trying to define services and test software, which can be offered to researchers. At present he is trying to implement the tested software and services.

Related to this Jesper is, with others, operating the Open Journal System server of the Royal Danish Library:

“To work with the publication of open access journals has given me many experiences which I have be able to use regarding publication of scientific data.”

Because of these activities, Jesper has co-authored several reports and articles regarding data management and Open Journal System servers.

The Scientific Information Infrastructures working group is important for me, because it gives access to knowledge and experience on an international level and thereby improves my network.