Jiri Pavlik

CzechELib & ZISKEJ Project Manager, National Library of Technology, Czech Republic

Jiri is a member of LIBER’s FIM4L Working Group, and has been involved in federated authentication in libraries for more than 14 years.

From 1995 until June 2019 he worked at Charles University as system engineer handling federated authentication at library services. Jiri was hired by the Moravian Library to work at Project AARC for 4 years where FIM4L group was initiated. Since 2016 Jiri is working for CESNET in Czech academic identity federation eduID.cz team with responsibilities in federated authentication at library services.

Since July 2019 Jiri is leading the acquisition team in the Czech National Library of Technology and working on fine tuning of federated authentication for the library users here as well.

There are remaining several issues and challenges in federated authentication. Attributes releases for library services is one of them and I appreciate an opportunity to join the working group of brilliant professionals who aim to fix it under the umbrella of distinguished LIBER organisation.