Jos Westerbeke

Library IT specialist / manager, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Jos Westerbeke chairs LIBER’s FIM4L Working Group. He is an expert on authentication, federated Single Sign-On, identity and access management. He has a technical IT background and works as an IT demand and information manager at the Erasmus University Library.

He is also involved in Research Data Management projects. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of e-resource access for libraries. Oversees and manages resource access and tools for all digital content providers of the Erasmus University Library. EZproxy is one of the tools used. Jos is currently working on improving access to library e-resources.

One of the problems libraries face when they have to set up a Single Sign-On connection for e-resources, is that they need a common standard or recommendation. Both libraries and publishers can refer to that for the best configuration. With this in mind, Jos co-founded FIM4L.