Karin Clavel

Manager Library Resources, TU Delft

Karin Clavel is the Manager of Library Resources at TU Delft Library, the Netherlands.

With a background in engineering and ICT, she started working at the TU Delft Library in 2002 as a subject librarian and a faculty liaison for the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science. Taking advantage of her experience in software development, she was soon working with and later working for the team Digital Product Development as a project manager, consultant and user interaction designer.

In 2013 she started the Library’s R&D team, with a focus on generating and disseminating new knowlegde and experimenting with new technology to boost innovation in the library. R&D maintains a trend blog. Succesful innovations include the Library Tour App, the TinkerTable, 3D Print Week and the ReadMe Library. The R&D team specialises in user experience (UX), service design and technical prototyping. Karin manages the R&D team and advises library management on innovation. From June 2018, she will start a new position as manager Library Resources at TU Delft Library.

Digital skills are becoming critical in library careers. We need a plan to take us to the future. Sharing knowledge and experiences, and putting that to practical use, seems like a no-brainer.