Ms Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen

Director of Library Network Services, National Library of Finland

Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen is the director of Library Network Services at the National Library of Finland (NLF).

Her unit at the National Library of Finland provides national infrastructure services for libraries, archives, museums and the public sector as a whole. Services included are information systems management and development, national licensing (FinELib), development of metadata standards and guidelines, national databases and national institutional repository services. The department is responsible of several national level initiatives such as the National Discovery Service Finna ( which is a service developed for the whole GLAM-sector and the National Ontology Service Finto ( for the public sector.

Kristiina has served as President of LIBER since 2014 and she worked as the Vice President from 2010-2014. Kristiina is a member of the Open Science Policy Platform of the European Commission. She has special interest in the fields of European Open Science Cloud, Open Access and skills.

She is also a member of the Steering Committees of the Open Science and Research Initiative as well as the National Digital Library in Finland. The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland has launched the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) for the term 2014-2017. The objective is for Finland to become one of the leading countries in openness of science and research by the year 2017 and to ensure that the possibilities of open science will be widely utilized in our society. Kristiina is a member of the Research information hub – a new window into Finnish research for the term 2017-2020.

Kristiina is a member of the Member States Expert Group on digitisation & digital preservation (2016; 2017-) and she was a member of Europeana board and Europeana executive committee from 2010-2015.