Prof Dr Lars Burman

Director of Uppsala University Library

Lars Burman is Director of Uppsala University Library in Sweden and, since 2018, a member of LIBER’s Executive Board.

Prior to this he was a Professor of Comparative Literature at Uppsala University and head of the Department of Literature at Uppsala University. He has spent longer periods of research and teaching abroad in locations including Cambridge(where he was a visiting fellow), Wolfenbüttel, Tartu (where he was a guest professor), Pisa and Rome.

Lars is a member of the Royal Academies KVSU, KHVSU and KVS  in Uppsala, and has held various board appointments, including a post on the board of Sweden’s national public TV broadcaster from 2009-2017.

Research libraries are crucial in every academic setting, and necessary in the development of society, but they also face challenges. I welcome this opportunity to contribute to the future, not least through encouraging further collaboration. Learning from one another is of greatest importance.