Leonidas Pispiringas

Software Engineer, Network Technologies and Infrastructure Manager, HEAL-Link (Electronic Resources)

Leonidas Pispiringas holds a B.Sc. from the Department of Computer Science, Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, an M.Sc. in “Informatics & Management” from the Departments of Informatics and Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he is a Ph.D. student at the department of Applied Informatics, the University of Macedonia with a thesis related to Bibliometrics, Data Mining and Machine Learning technologies.

He works as a Software Engineer/Network Technologies and Infrastructure Manager for HEAL-Link since 2004. Federated Access, Single Sign On technologies and identity management have been one of his fields of expertise since 2007 when HEAL-Link has been one of the first Consortia worldwide that has enabled Federated Access to Elsevier. His fields of expertise also include modern technologies, interoperability models and international standards in digital libraries, software or services that organize and manage library content and models of digital library repositories.

LIBER promotes European libraries, gives added value to their services and strengthen their existence in the European ecosystem. Libraries should actively participate in Federated Identity Management infrastructure. Τhey serve as the connected hub between the technical and the administrative aspects and they possess the technical knowledge from both worlds. FIM4L Working group operates on the basis of helping towards the correct configuration of federated SSO connections for all stakeholders.