Margaret Gold

Coordinator of the Citizen Science Lab, Leiden University

Margaret is a Senior Researcher at Leiden University and Coordinator of the Citizen Science Lab – a knowledge hub and project incubator for Citizen Science initiatives.

Margaret’s research focus is on Citizen Observatories (community-based environmental monitoring initiatives) and their impacts on policy formation, environmental governance, social innovation, and behaviour change. Practical implementation of these approaches is currently taking place in the EU-funded CitiObs, which is expanding and sustaining citizen observatories for air quality monitoring in the urban context

She also plays an active role in developing Open Science policy to support Citizen Science practices, such as leading the Citizen Science programme line within the Dutch National Programme Open Science (NPOS), and as Rapporteur and Topic Expert in the EU Mutual Learning Exercise on Citizen Science.

Margaret will support the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group as an ambassador.