Marian Lefferts

CERL Executive Manager

Marian works for the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL). CERL seeks to share resources and expertise between research libraries with a view to improving access to, as well as exploitation and preservation of European manuscripts and printed heritage from the hand-press period (up to c. 1830).

In addition to maintaining an extensive network of libraries with significant rare book collections, CERL also runs electronic resources such as the Heritage of the Printed Book database, the CERL Thesaurus, the CERL Portal of Manuscripts and Early printed Books, and the Material Evidence in Incunabula database.

Marian was, along with Claudia Fabian, head of LIBER’s Forum for Digital Cultural Heritage.

CERL and LIBER enjoy working closely together to ensure that scholars and librarians have good, easy access to cultural heritage materials, and to create an infrastructure in which digital cultural heritage materials can be mined or reused as appropriate.