Mariëlle Prevoo

Open Knowledge Librarian, Maastricht University Library

Mariëlle is working as Open knowledge librarian at Maastricht University Library since February 2019, and is part of LIBER’s Digital Skills for Library Staff & Researchers Working Group.

At Maastricht University Library, Mariëlle is part of the Research Support & Development team at this university library, and is responsible for supporting open science initiatives, developing and maintaining training courses and workshops for researchers and helping to shape the outreach of research support services and tools.

She has experience as a researcher herself, as a PhD and postdoc in Child and family studies at Leiden University. She uses that experience to improve and promote the research support program of Maastricht University Library.

I believe that, through research support, libraries can play an important role in making science as open as possible. Collaboration is the only way to reach the ideal of open science, and this working group provides a perfect platform for that.