Nataša Dakić

Library advisor, University Library "Svetozar Markovic"

Nataša Dakić, PhD, is employed as a library advisor at the University Library “Svetozar Marković” in Belgrade.

Serving as the central library of the University of Belgrade, which accommodates approximately 90,000 students, it also functions as the parent library for 4 university libraries, 154 higher education libraries, and 83 libraries in scientific institutes and institutions throughout Serbia.

With an educational and extensive professional background in Library and Information Science (LIS), Nataša plays an integral role in a team that successfully organizes various educational initiatives tailored for academic librarians and LIS students. Over the years, she has actively participated in numerous domestic and international projects, gaining substantial experience in digitization, metadata management, and OS/CS principles, consistently advocating for open science and citizen science principles. Simultaneously, she is striving to raise awareness and enhance understanding of the potential of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in the realm of higher education in Serbia.