Rob Grim

Economics (Data) Librarian, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rob joined Erasmus University in 2016 as Economics (Data) Librarian. At the Erasmus University, he is a member of the Erasmus Data Service Center (EDSC). He previously held positions as head of research support (Tilburg University), head of content and metadata management (Radboud University), research data specialist (Tilburg University) and data analyst (Institute for Labour Studies).

He has also worked as executive manager for the Open Data Foundation (ODaF). For more than 20 years, he has been strongly involved in strategic, technical, legal and infrastructural aspects of RDM. Rob’s professional interests now focus on the data infrastructure and management of financial data, block chain applications, open banking standards and Big Data analytics (Google Big Query). He has a background in psychology with a strong focus on quantitative methods and data analysis.

“I look back with great pleasure to presentations I gave on the block chain (LIBER, Patras, 2017), on the application of the SDMX standards for data exchange at the OECD (Paris, 2009), on enhanced publications at Stanford University (IASSIST 2008) and on ‘data management crises and the financial crises’ at the European Banking Center (Tilburg University, 2009). I also cherish very pleasant memories of being called – erroneously – the first data librarian in the Netherlands and the Research Support team which I headed at Tilburg University. Working with colleagues from the Open Data Foundation (ODaF) was truly inspirational. My current position in ‘economics’ allows me to work closely with EUR staff and to explore new data avenues in Finance, FinTech, RegTech and Open Data standards.”

The Research Data Management Working Group (WG) provides a platform to touch base on RDM activities across research libraries and to share best practices. The high energy staff from the LIBER office is a pleasure to work with and very supportive of the WG. It is also nice to see continuous interest in this WG and to see how the WG progresses.