Szymon Andrzejewski

Citizen Science specialist, University of Warsaw Library

Szymon Andrzejewski works at University Library of Warsaw, where he is responsible for citizen science tasks in the Train 4EU+ project. He is ready to support every initiative, which he finds inspiring and worth supporting.

Previously, he worked at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, special unit of University of Warsaw responsible for supercomputing calculations and promotion of Open Science in Poland and in scientific information section at Gdańsk University of Technology, where he encountered idea of Citizen Science for the first time.

Szymon is the creator of the first e-course about Citizen Science in Polish. As part of the Citizen Science Working Group, he is interested in creating interesting educational materials and in developing new projects, for example, a Citizen Science single point of contact. He understands Citizen Science as an idea that engages people for the greater good and which creates one community among scientists and citizens.