Tatijana Petrić

University of Zagreb

Tatijana Petrić was born in 1964 in Zadar. She holds a degree in Philosophy and Sociology, and a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences.

She has worked at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar in the Central Library and the Scientific Library of Zadar. From 2015 to 2020, she was the General Director of the National and University Library in Zagreb. Now, she works at the University of Zagreb as the Head of the Central Office for Library Coordination.

Tatiana Petrić’s interests start from pointing out the importance of the application of information technologies in the field of librarianship as well as their upgrading, business with serial publications, but also considering the theory of the bibliographic organisation of material.

Tatijana has a constant in monitoring changes in information sciences, from automation to the needs of 21st-century libraries. She is experienced in working on digital libraries through establishing DIKAZ – Digital Library of the Scientific Library in Zadar. During her term of office as the Director General, NSK launched two significant projects; the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet – glagoljica.hr and the Green Library for a Green Croatia. Now, Tatijana works at the University of Zagreb where she is building a digital library on the Universty Vizbi (UNIZG).

Tatijana understands the need to gather and cooperate, advocate for open science and open access, and further the digital humanities, as the role of libraries in the 21st century. She sees libraries as places to live, work and promote true values, digital transformation and sustainable development.