Tiberius Ignat

Scientific Knowledge Services (SKS) Switzerland, Director

Tiberius Ignat is the Director of Scientific Knowledge Services, a company which specializes in helping the European libraries to embrace new technologies and ways of working. In partnership with UCL Press and LIBER Europe, he runs a successful series of workshops – Focus On Open Science, which started in 2015.

He is a LIBER Associate, member of the European Citizen Science Association and Citizen Science Association (US) and of the Scientific Committee for OAI series, the CERN – UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication.

Tiberius Ignat has a personal interest in Open Science, particularly Citizen Science, Science Communication and the management of this cultural change.
He has a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Bucharest.

As a member of LIBER’s Citizen Science Working Group, Tiberius says:

I believe citizen science could better connect science with the broader society. This way, the society will feel part of the scientific endeavor and new resources will be unlocked for exploring nature and societies. In this landscape, research libraries have a unique offering and could be positioned as a key player for the range of collaborations that will grow between researchers and citizens.

He also actively participates in LIBER’s Innovative Metrics Working Group:

I believe there are more ways to evaluate the work of scientists, which are still to be explored. An example could be the impact that researchers make outside the frame given by journals: their contribution to conferences, their performance in public spaces and others. I also think that a system of responsible research metrics should take into consideration various stages in research careers to better drive the investment in research, which should go beyond project funds. Libraries and Scholarly Communication Offices could play a significant role in designing and implementing such new metrics; I am enthusiastic about being a contributor to this progress.