In the period 2018-2022, we worked towards a world in which:

  • Open Access is the predominant form of publishing;
  • Research Data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR);
  • Digital Skills underpin a more open and transparent research life cycle;
  • Research Infrastructure is participatory, tailored and scaled to the needs of the diverse disciplines;
  • The cultural heritage of tomorrow is built on today’s digital information.

Download our 2018-2022 Strategy Plan

During this period, LIBER worked with Three Strategic Directions — Innovative Scholarly Communication, Digital Skills & Services and Research Infrastructure — to:

  • Strengthen and expand the roles of research libraries in Innovative Scholarly Communication
  • Develop research libraries as hubs for Digital Skills and Services in both physical and virtual research environments
  • Support the development of interoperable and scalable infrastructure which supports sustainable knowledge and is seamlessly linked with institutional services.

The development of the Strategy has been guided by LIBER’s Mission and Values.

The following Working Groups were assigned for each direction.

Strategic Direction: Innovative Scholarly Communication

Strategic Direction: Digital Skills & Services

Strategic Direction: Research Infrastructure


At the LIBER Winter Event 2022, we held a session devoted in large part to the 2018-2022 Strategic Period. We reflected on what we achieved, and areas where work is still needed. The Working Groups made a poster for their respective Strategic Direction and presented their findings. View all the posters here below.