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Posted: 01-04-2020 Topics: Office News

This is the 32nd LIBER Alert.

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Due to concerns regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19), our 2020 Annual Conference is cancelled. We are working to take the content online, and will hold our next in-person meeting in Belgrade, Serbia in 2021. Our Architecture Seminar (due to take place 1-3 April) will now be held in 2021 and the Journées programme has been postponed until mid-May 2021. Learn more

  • Coronavirus: A message for our libraries from LIBER’s President. Read
  • Covid-19 Research Library Measures: During the current crisis, we ask our libraries to help us crowdsource informationabout the measures they are taking and best-practices to share with others. Want to share tips on dealing with this crisis? Fill out this spreadsheet
  • Research Libraries and Covid-19: Research libraries respond to the Coronavirus – A view from the University Library in Patras, Greece. Read
  • LIBER Executive Board: Are you interested in LIBER’s work and have ideas for shaping the organization’s future strategic priorities? LIBER is seeking two new candidates to serve on its Executive Board. Read more
  • New Open Access Project: LIBER wins role in Open Access Publishing Platform. Read more
  • Open Science Skills: In 2019, our Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers Working Group embarked on a project to define the skills needed for Open Science and developed this OS Skills visualisation, which identifies the skills and knowledge needed to practice OS effectively. Read more
  • SSO Recommendations: LIBER’s FIM4L Working Group Invites Comments on Recommendations for Single Sign On (SSO) Connections with Publishers. Read more


  • SSH Open Cloud 
    • First virtual meeting of the SSHOC Training Community. Read more
    • Call for Participation: SSHOC Workshop at ICTeSSH – Test the alpha release of the SSH Open Marketplace and win your registration and travel expenses. Read more
    • Enhancements to SSHOC website: Putting users first. Read more
    • SSHOC Survey: SSHOC invites SSH researchers to contribute to the discovery and mapping of research practices in the use of vocabularies. Read more
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  • INOS 
    • Roadmap to enhance the impact of Open Science, Citizen Science and Open Innovation activities by offering pedagogical support to HEIs and other organisers of relevant activities. Read more
    • Stay up to date with the latest Open Science and Citizen Science news and results of the INOS project. Subscribe
  • ReCreating Europe 


  • Setting Up A GLAM Workbench In Your Library — 7 April 1000 CEST— Learn how to use Jupyter notebooks to develop your own digital collection workbench: sharing tools, tricks, and tutorials that scaffold exploration and reuse. Register
  • SSHOC Webinar – Quanlify with ease: Combining quantitative and qualitative corpus analysis — 16 April 1100 CEST — Learn about the conceptual reasoning to combine quantitative and qualitative research practice when working with large-scale corpora. Register
  • The Anatomy of a Transformative Agreement — 22 April 1100 CEST —  Learn about the latest benchmarks achieved with TAs and two case studies of TA negotiated by LIBER members. Register

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