LIBER Alert | Research Library and Open Science News | February 17, 2020

Posted: 17-02-2020 Topics: Office News

This is the 30th LIBER Alert.

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  • LIBER-OCLC Workshop: Join us in Vienna for a joint LIBER-OCLC workshop on 3 March. Together we’ll discuss how libraries can advocate for Open Science to increase the impact of research. LIBER institutions receive complimentary registration. Register here
  • Linked Open Data: LIBER’s Linked Open Data Working Group recently completed a review of practices which research libraries follow in making data linked and open. Read more
  • Architecture Seminar: Registration is open for the LIBER Architecture Group Seminar, on 1-3 April at the Luxembourg Learning Centre. The theme is Designing For Learning and ScholarshipRegister
  • New Colleague: Welcome Tanya Yankelevich as LIBER’s Training Coordinator. Read more
  • SSH Open Cloud News:
    • SSHOC Survey: SSHOC invites SSH researchers to contribute to the discovery and mapping of research practices in the use of vocabularies. Read more
    • SSHOC Twitter Takeover: Learn more about the project and ask questions as SSHOC takes over LIBER’s Twitter account on 18 February. Read more
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  • INOS News
    • The first INOS newsletter will be out soon! Stay up to date with the latest Open Science and Citizen Science news and results of the INOS project. Subscribe
  • reCreating Europe News


Network & Open Science News

  • International Library Staff Week 2020: The second International Library Staff Week will be held in June 15 – 19, 2020 at the University Library of Southern Denmark. The event aims to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices and to initiate discussion on how libraries are changing and what we need to know for the future of libraries. Read more
  • Future Libraries Lab: Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library of the Netherlands) and TU Delft recently launched the Future Library Lab to facilitate the interaction between students, researchers, and practitioners to foster the development of research and innovation activities that have the ambition to imagine and shape the future of libraries. Read more

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