LIBER Alert | Research Library & Open Science News | April 23, 2019

Posted: 23-04-2019 Topics: Office News

This is the 13th LIBER Alert.

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  • Where To Next On Copyright Reform? Now that the European Directive on Copyright has been adopted, LIBER and other library organisations are preparing to help with implementation. Learn more
  • Citizen Science Working Group: LIBER is launching a new Citizen Science Working Group. All staff working in LIBER institutions are welcome to join. Learn more
  • LIBER Job Description Repository: New sample job descriptions have been added to our Job Description Repository. Please help this resource to grow by adding your own job descriptions! Learn more
  • Fim4l initiative: A new initiative in federated identity management for libraries built upon the AARC project outputs. Learn more
  • Finding & Reusing Research Data Webinar Recording: Kathleen Gregory of DANS talks about recent research into how researchers and librarians find, understand and reuse research data. Watch
  • Library Carpentry Webinar Recording: Learn about Library Carpentry and the benefits of becoming a Library Carpentry Instructor. Watch

Network & Open Science News

  • Open Science Primers: Want a quick introduction to Open Access and RDM? Try the Open Science Primers from Open Aire. Learn more
  • Visibility of the Researcher: TU Delft invites librarians for its International Staff Week (May 2019) on the topic ‘Visibility of the Researcher’. Learn more
  • Australian Libraries Achieve SDGs: Report released by the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) describing the contribution of Australian university libraries to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Read
  • RLUK19 | Stepping Stones: The journey of Lancaster University towards a culture of Open Research. Watch

Upcoming Events

Call for Papers

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