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LIBER Webinar: GDPR – What Does It Mean For Researchers?

Posted: 07-05-2018 Topics: Research Data Management

Join us on 16 May at 13:00 CET for a LIBER Webinar on GDPR and what it means for researchers.

Speakers Maria Rehbinder (Senior Legal Counsel at Aalto University and Certified Information Privacy Professional) and Marlon Domingus (Data Protection Officer at Erasmus University Rotterdam) will look at how GDPR relates to research data management. The focus is on the lawful bases for processing data (in particular Article 6.1e) and protections for ‘academic expression’ as outlined in Article 85 of the GDPR .

GDPR raises the standard required of researchers handling personal data. For researchers it is still essential to be aware of and follow the best practices in their field or discipline. In addition, researchers now need to also identify the appropriate legal basis for data processing.

Researchers will need GDPR compliant data management plans and/or arrangements in order to meet the other data processing and security principles. Researchers will also need to ensure that they supply all information required by Article 13 and Article 14 to research participants, explaining how participants personal data will be used in the project.

Please note: LIBER’s webinar room allows 100 people to attend. Enter the room early to ensure that you have a spot. If the room is full when you try to join, don’t worry! We’ll share a recording afterwards.

The webinar is organised by LIBER’s Research Data Management Working Group.


This LIBER webinar will feature two speakers:

Maria Rehbinder – Senior Legal Counsel in Aalto University and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and Vice Chair of the Copyright and Legal Matters Working Group of LIBER. She advises on legal questions related to research data and personal data, and works with issues related to open science, open access publishing and open data. She has prepared a new draft for Personal Data Policy for Aalto University and is involved in drafting GDPR compliant templates for fulfilling the requirements of information to research participants.

Maria serves as a member in the Copyright Commission and the Copyright Council of the Ministry of Education and Culture and has served as a member in the Rights Management Committee of Open Research and Science 2014-2017 initiative of the ministry. She works for Art University Copyright Advisory service provided by Aalto University and University of the Arts Helsinki, and advises Metropolia UAS.

Marlon Domingus – drs. Marlon Domingus CIPP/e, CIPM, is the data protection officer for Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Netherlands. He is a member of the drafting group of the new Dutch VSNU Code of Conduct (Use of Personal Data in Research). He is also an embedded privacy expert in European research projects, addressing the various aspects of research data (policy, technical, legal, ethical), for the whole research data cycle.  He regularly speaks, blogs and gives training on privacy, data protection, research data management.

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