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LIBER Wins Role in Open Access Publishing Platform

Posted: 25-03-2020 Topics: Open Access Strategy

LIBER has won a role in Open Research Europe (ORE): a project which will build a new peer-reviewed Open Access publishing platform so that Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries can publish research openly and free of charge.

Funded by the European Commission, the ORE project will run for four years. The platform will start accepting articles in autumn 2020. An official launch is planned for early 2021.

LIBER’s role within the project includes ensuring that research libraries and their users are extensively consulted during the building of the platform.

We will invite stakeholders from across our network to share their needs and opinions in many different ways: directly via the website, through interviews, online surveys, webinars and roundtable discussions. Collecting this feedback from libraries and researchers is essential in order for the platform to become a service which is valued and considered a vital part of the research ecosystem. We will also introduce the platform to research libraries and other stakeholders via training sessions, and by developing a range of informative materials. Finally, we will share project updates regularly with our community. All of this will be done in close collaboration with the project leader, F1000 Research, and with the two other participating organisations: Eurodoc and the Global Young Academy (GYA).

Linked To LIBER’s Strategy

The work of the ORE project directly relates to LIBER’s 2018-2022 Strategy, in particular our goal to ensure that Open Access is the predominant form of publishing.

“One of LIBER’s priorities is to ensure the best possible framework for the implementation of Open Science. Open Access is an essential part of that, and LIBER is committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to drive Open Access forward. By working on this new Open Access publishing platform, LIBER has a great opportunity to do its part in ensuring free and immediate access to research outputs, within an infrastructure which adheres to key best practices such as FAIR data,” said Astrid Verheusen, Executive Director of LIBER.

Through our Open Access Working Group and across our network, we already strive to ensure that research libraries take a leading role in promoting Open Access. We do this in many ways, including by informing and providing guidelines for our network, by acting as an Open Access publisher and by supporting critical Open Access infrastructure. Read more about our Open Access committment and achievements.

We look forward to involving our libraries in this new Open Access platform, which will operate under the highest scientific and publishing standards. A Scientific Advisory Board will steer the publishing of research, including managing the entire publication process from submission to publication, comprising open peer-review, post-publication curation and preservation.

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