Linked Open Data Working Group

Take the Library Linked Open Data Survey

Posted: 28-05-2019 Topics: Strategy

The publication of library data in linked and open format has accelerated in recent years. There have been several approaches but the result is not always necessarily ideal from an interoperability point of view. Common guidelines and references would be useful as well as collected references of possible tools and other resources.

LIBER’s Linked Open Data Working Group is therefore documenting best practices related to library LOD publishing.

To this end, the Working Group has created a survey aimed both at libraries who have published their data as LOD as well as for libraries who are just considering doing so. There have been some other surveys on the matter (e.g. the one put forth by OCLC) so care has been taken to minimize the overlap and to approach the question from a somewhat different angle.

The survey results will be used when compiling the best practices document. Answering the survey should take about 20 minutes. Every answer is highly appreciated. The deadline for answers has been extended to the end of August.

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