Linked Open Data Working Group

Introducing LIBER’s Linked Open Data Working Group

Posted: 22-05-2018 Topics: Strategy

If Linked Open Data and semantic interoperability are current topics of interest for your library, come discuss and learn more about these topics via LIBER’s new Linked Open Data Working Group.

The group, chaired by Matias Frosterus of the National Library of Finland, aims to produce a set of guidelines, best practices, and tools for opening library data in line with the linked open data principles and with a special emphasis on semantic interoperability. One of its first activities will be a workshop at our 2018 Annual Conference.

What other activities will the group take on?

Over the course of the next year, the Linked Open Data group aims to:

  • Report on existing efforts and solutions
  • Draw up guidelines for establishing semantic interoperability between scientific data and library data.
  • Publish a set of best practices and the conclusions of the group

Can I get involved?

Of course! Anyone working in a LIBER library is welcome to join. Most meetings will be conducted online but we will occasionally meet in person as well, for example at LIBER’s Annual Conference.

We aim for our working groups to be as diverse as LIBER’s network of libraries, with candidates at all stages of their career and representing libraries in countries across Europe. Please email the LIBER Office if you’re interested.

Why should I join?

A library cannot be interoperable on its own, and individual decisions made locally need to be well informed. By joining the working group, you’ll have a chance to share your experiences and learn from your professional peers – while at the same time producing something of value for the broader research library community.

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