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Open Research Europe (ORE) Project Updates

Posted: 25-11-2021 Topics: Open Research Europe Open Science

During autumn 2021, LIBER and Open Research Europe (ORE) organised a series of engaging, awareness-raising events to introduce the ORE platform to the LIBER research libraries community. Below you will find further details about each specific event as well as the recordings thereof: 

1) Innovative Peer Review Workshop – 22nd September 2021 

On the 22nd of September, LIBER and ORE organised a workshop on ‘Innovative Peer Review for Research Libraries’ which was included in the official programme of the virtual Open Science FAIR 2021. The workshop introduced the peer-review process behind the ORE platform, discussed the open peer review in general and shared best practices and challenges of innovative peer review.  

Giannis Tsakonas, Library Director at the University of Patras Library and LIBER Executive Board member moderated and facilitated the discussions. He was joined by Kelly Woods, Senior Associate Publisher at F1000 and Judit Fazekas-Paragh, Head of Education and Research Support Department at the University of Debrecen University and National Library. Kelly Woods presented the publishing model behind ORE and shared details about the inner working of the peer review process (view presentation on Zenodo). Judit Fazekas-Paragh gave her presentation on the importance of Open Peer Review and its significance in the cultural change of scholarly communication (view presentation on Zenodo).  The workshop concluded with a lively discussion on the importance of developing open peer review and learning from the posed challenges to ensure that it becomes a standardised and efficient practice. 

View the recording of the workshop below or here. 


2) Awareness Raising Webinar – 15th October 2021 

On the 15th of October, an awareness-raising webinar was organised on the framework, the goals, and the developments of ORE. Kelly Woods, introduced and moderated a panel comprising of Astrid Verheusen, LIBER Executive Director and Sofie Wennström, Analyst/Managing Editor at the Stockholm University Library and chair of the LIBER Open Access Working Group. 

Kelly Woods initiated the discussion by giving a walkthrough of the ORE platform, starting from the conception of the platform, its development, and the plans for its future. Astrid Verheusen presented the results of the LIBER/ORE Survey which aimed at documenting the awareness, perceptions, and experiences of open practices and tools and served as the starting point for exploring the opportunities and advantages that the ORE platform can offer to research libraries and their research communities. Finally, Sofie Wennström furthered the discussion by presenting the most important questions asked by researchers on publishing platforms and highlighted that scholarly communication is above and foremost a network activity.  

View the recording of the webinar below or here and the presentation slides on Zenodo. 


3) Live Demo of ORE Platform – 5th November 2021 

On the 5th of November, LIBER and ORE organised a live demonstration of the ORE platform that focused entirely on the research librarian’s perspective. Participants got to understand how the platform can be used, experienced an in-depth walkthrough of the open peer review process, and learnt about the answers to FAQs that ORE has received so far.  

Kelly Woods led a panel of speakers comprising of Matthew Ranscombe, Senior Assistant Editor in the Prepublications team at F1000 and Joe Kelly, Associate Editorial Assistant in the Peer Review Team at F1000.  

View the recording of the live demonstration below or here and the presentation slides on Zenodo


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