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ORE Project Workshop on Sustainability — Plans for a Future-Proof and Robust Publishing Platform 

Posted: 01-04-2022 Topics: Open Access Open Research Europe Open Science Research

On the 4th of March 2022, LIBER and Open Research Europe (ORE) organised an online workshop to discuss the progress made on the project so far. The workshop presented an overview of articles published on the platform as well as the ways ORE can be connected to institutional repositories and libraries ensuring the sustainability and future of the platform. 

Kelly Woods, Senior Associate Publisher at F1000, discussed the progress of the platform and the number of articles published during the first year that the platform has been active. She also outlined the diverse article types available. Important information regarding the timeline and lifecycle of the publishing process was also shared with an emphasis on the reviewing process. An indexation update was presented — this plays an integral part of the core ORE strategy to enhance the visibility and appeal of the platform for researchers. 

Next, Michael Evans, Production Manager, F1000, outlined the possibilities available for incorporating and connecting the ORE platform to institutional repositories. Examples of different types of integrations were presented to participants together with helpful elements for consideration, and mention of the standard ORE methods. 

Thereafter, Victoria Tsoukala, Policy Officer at the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, reflected on the vision of ORE for the years beyond 2024 and ended her presentation with two open questions to LIBER Participants: 

  • How can we explain and promote ORE to researchers and universities systematically? 
  • How can we embed ORE as a tool that researchers will naturally turn to for their publishing needs? 

Want to learn more about the ORE publishing platform and its benefits for researchers and research librarians alike? Read more here and you can always contact us via email (liber@libereurope.org) for any questions you might have. You can also view the presentation slides on Zenodo.  


Author: Athina Papadopoulou