EOSCpilot: Developing the European Open Science Cloud

The European Open Science Cloud for Research pilot project (EOSCpilot) project is supporting the first phase in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) as described in the EC Communication on European Cloud Initiatives [2016].


January 2017 to April 2018



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The EOSCpilot project will address some of the key reasons why European research is not yet fully tapping into the potential of data. The EOSCpilot is a consortium of 33 pan-European organisations and 15 third parties covering a range of disciplines and organisations working together to achieve its objectives.


LIBER’s Role

LIBER plays a significant role in the Engagement and Communication activities of the project. LIBER coordinates the engagement strategy that will establish effective and clear communication channels and outreach activities with various stakeholder groups, towards the goal of broadening the awareness on the value-proposition of the EOSC. LIBER also participates in the project’s activities that will identify and catalogue current competencies and capabilities and analyse future requirements.

LIBER’s involvement in the project is tied to two sections of our 2018-2022 Strategy: Innovative Scholarly Communication and Digital Skills & Services.

Questions? LIBER’s Head of International Projects, Vasso Kalaitzi is working on the EOSCpilot.


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The Project

The EOSCpilot project is:

  • Establishing the governance framework for the EOSC and contributing to the development of European open science policy and best practice;
  • Developing a number of pilots that integrate services and infrastructures to demonstrate interoperability in a number of scientific domains;
  • Engaging with a broad range of stakeholders to build the trust and skills required for adoption of an open approach to scientific research.

These actions will build on and leverage already available resources and capabilities from research infrastructure and e-infrastructure organisations to maximise their use across the research community.

The EOSCpilot project will address some of the key reasons why European research is not yet fully tapping into the potential of data. In particular, it will:

  • Reduce fragmentation between data infrastructures by working across scientific and economic domains, countries and governance models, and
  • Improve interoperability between data infrastructures by demonstrating how data and resources can be shared even when they are large and complex and in varied formats.

In this way, the EOSC pilot project will improve the ability to reuse data resources and provide an important step towards building a dependable open-data research environment where data from publicly funded research is always open and there are clear incentives and rewards for the sharing of data and resources.